100 Lake Street West

Inland Development Partners, along with Tradition Capital Bank, Tradition Mortgage, and Tradition Wealth Management, announce their new headquarters in downtown Wayzata, located at 100 Lake Street West at the corner of Lake Street and Ferndale Road.

DEVELOPMENT TYPE: Redevelopment/ Value Add Acquisition
OWNERS: Inland Development Partners

  • Extensive remodel of all three levels
  • Third floor lounge and amenity space
  • Exterior landscape and plantings
  • New outdoor patio and seating area


Tradition Companies

City of Wayzata


bdh + young

Diversified Construction

100 Lake Street West has been transformed as all three levels have been repurposed in an intentionally open and cohesive space. The building has been converted from a single-tenant status back to its original multi-tenant status. As you enter the building on the first floor, you’re welcomed to the Tradition Financial Center – home of Tradition Capital Bank and their partners Tradition Mortgage and Tradition Wealth Management. The natural light pouring in complements the space designed by BDH + Young.

The second floor of the building is home to Inland Development Partners’ new headquarters. Inland Development Partners owns the building and worked closely with Tradition Bank, Diversified Construction, and BDH + Young to create office space that would be flexible for future use. The second floor is complete with individual office space, collaborative meeting spaces, and a kitchen.  When you visit Inland Development Partners, you may be greeted by a friendly four-legged office assistant!

On the third floor of the building, you will find a lounge for the use of building tenants.  It is complete with comfortable seating, a pool table, TVs, a full-kitchen and bar, and tables for socializing.  There is something for everyone! The design and layout of the space will bring people together for a variety of occasions.

Photos by Allen Brown Photography