Inland Development Partners Wins Grand Award for Braun Intertec – Arbor Lakes Corporate Center, Site Remediation and Hazardous Waste Treatment

Inland Development Partners Wins Grand Award for Braun Intertec – Arbor Lakes Corporate Center, Site Remediation and Hazardous Waste Treatment at the 2023 ACEC/MN Engineering Excellence Awards.

Braun Intertec, contracted by a joint venture between Inland Development Partners and Opus Development Corporation, served as the environmental and geotechnical consultant on a project to redevelop a property that included a 70-year-old unpermitted dump in the City of Maple Grove, Minnesota.
Braun Intertec developed a plan to investigate the contaminated site and develop a response action plan to remove 125,000 cubic yards of dumped waste and prepare the site for a large industrial building. As the excavation proceeded, a previously unknown black tar-like material was encountered. The substance oozed like lava—yet retained a spongy, bog-like consistency on a subzero day in Minnesota. Lab tests showed this substance contained hazardous concentrations of trichloroethylene (TCE) and lead, and had a pH of approximately one. There was no established method to treat these three conditions simultaneously and the development project was in jeopardy without a successful remediation plan.

Braun Intertec and its partner laboratory developed a cost-effective and unique onsite treatment technique to render the waste non-hazardous, using readily available construction materials and tools. This technique enabled Braun Intertec to dispose of the treated waste at a conventional landfill rather than hauling the unprocessed hazardous waste to a more costly permitted hazardous waste disposal facility located either in Canada or Texas.

This course of action saved the joint venture at least $2 million and enabled construction to move forward for the $28 million, 204,000-square-foot building that has brought more than 400 new jobs to the City of Maple Grove.

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