Gateway at McKnight Ridge

Inland Development Partners together with the city of North St. Paul and M/I Homes, redeveloped land that had previously been vacant to build a new community of single-family townhouses. The vacant land was previously an Anchor Block manufacturing site. This redevelopment opportunity was made possible by the commitment, trust, and collaboration between the IDP team, the city council members and staff of North. St. Paul, and M/I Homes. IDP acquired the land, conducted clean-up, established a plan with the city and M/I Homes, and delivered the project one year later, in January 2019.  The townhouses will be ready Fall 2019.

PRODUCT TYPE: Residential
DATE DELIVERED: January 2019

  • Great location, suburban feel close to urban setting
  • Access to Gateway State Trail
  • Exterior amenities, such as landscaping enhancements and green space
  • Interior design enhancements


M/I Homes

City of North Saint Paul

The Gateway at McKnight Ridge provides so much more than a brand-new community to live in.  It is revitalizing the city, being the first community to be built after nearly 60 years in this area.  North St. Paul has been ready to expand its offerings for a while and is eager to provide more housing options to its residents.

The Gateway at McKnight Ridge is located in a quant and private area, while still having an urban feel, located within 10 minutes of downtown St. Paul and 15 minutes of downtown Minneapolis. It offers freeway access, just a mile away and there is a bus stop within walking distance. M/I Homes describes the area as “Perfectly balanced by commercial, residential, educational and cultural influences, the cosmopolitan area features restaurants, coffee shops, great nightlife, and beautiful parks.” It is the perfect community for a range of age groups, whether you’re starting a family, or looking for the benefits of living in a townhouse. With lawn care, irrigation, and snow removal being maintained by the Homeowners’ Association, you will enjoy a new custom home, while having extra time to do the things you love!

The 100 custom townhouses range from 1,700-2,100 square feet, with two and three car garages.  Prices are based on each homeowners’ wishes, beginning in the $200,000 range. In addition to the beautifully designed interior amenities and details, the community itself backs up to the Gateway State Trail, 18 miles of paved trail designed for walking, running, and cycling. This community is what the city of North St. Paul has been striving for and IDP is honored to have helped the city reach its goals to expand quality housing options for its residents.